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Eastern State Penitentiary exness: Market Study and Site Operations Guide for a Museum. The Preservation Coalition of Greater Philadelphia opened this historic prison as a museum. S. Huffman Associates acted as a subcontractor to project visitation, recommend pricing structure, and project income for its proposed reuse.
The firm identified historic sites and museums that are similar to Eastern State, and conducted a telephone survey of these sites to obtain attendance and pricing data. In addition, S. Huffman Associates held a series of focus groups to address interpretive issues. The market analysis was used as input into the marketing plan for the site.

Credit: The Library Company of Philadelphia

Consolidated Plan for Lower Merion Township, 2000-2004. Lower Merion Township asked S. Huffman Associates to prepare its Consolidated Plan for the use of Community Development Block Grant funds for the years 2000 to 2005. The firm collected and reviewed all existing secondary data and documents which summarized the Township’s work on community development issues to date, and worked with staff to put this existing data into their Community 2020 program software. An in depth interview process of interested parties was undertaken. These participants included service providers, municipal officials, elected representatives, and community leaders exness sign up. Community input was sought on programs and priorities as required by the Township’s Citizen Participation Plan through a questionnaire and public hearings. In depth interviews were also held with Montgomery County officials who deliver services within the Township. A five-year plan and one year Action Plan were developed on the basis of the research. The plan continues to serve as the blueprint for action for the use of Community Development Funds.

Old City Streetscape Vision and Action Plan. A Philadelphia landscape architecture firm was asked by the Old City District to design a coordinated streetscape plan for this newly emerging residential and entertainment district in the historic heart of Philadelphia. S. Huffman Associates joined the consultant team to investigate available options for funding, ranging from traditional methods of City, State, and Federal funding, to those that are unique to Business Improvement Districts. Recommendations were presented to the client and included as an implementation section in the final report.

Philadelphia International Airport exness forex broker. S. Huffman Associates has provided services to the Philadelphia International Airport on several occasions as a subcontractor to other firms. Several years ago, the City went to PB Aviation, Inc., for planning assistance at Philadelphia Northeast, a reliever to the City’s International Airport. S. Huffman Associates was asked to study the feasibility of leasing some of this reliever airport’s outer parcels that were not required for aviation purposes in order to generate revenue. S. Huffman Associates assessed the market feasibility of various uses for 11 of these tracts. Recommended uses included warehouse/flex office light industrial space, highway oriented convenience commercial, and recreation. More recently, the firm assisted in developing an economic profile of the region as part of a proposed bond issue.

Fiscal Management Plan for the Borough of West Conshohocken. West Conshohocken’s evolution has taken it from an agricultural center to a manufacturing hub to an office and business center. Conventional wisdom says that this level of commercial development should have filled the Borough’s coffers and allowed for a high level of municipal services. However, this has not been the case. S. Huffman Associates was asked to analyze its expenditures and revenues. Using several traditional fiscal impact techniques, as well as a comparison of its tax base to other nearby boroughs of similar size and demographics, the firm was able to assist the Borough in restructuring its budget and moving toward a more stable fiscal future.

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