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The Internet has changed our ways of doing business exness, and made our research faster, easier, and frankly more fun. Here are a few of our most frequently visited sites:

The Federal government has a super-site called www.firstgov.gov, which links to just about anything Federal. To go straight to some hard information, we recommend www.census.gov for census data, www.hud.gov, for a wide variety of information on programs of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and www.bls.gov for employment data, consumer expenditure reports, and other information on how people spend their money.

Statewide data for Pennsylvania is at www.state.pa.us, and New Jersey information at www.state.nj.us. We have also found that the New Jersey Department of Labor and Industry, www.state.nj.us/labor/lra, has a wealth of data that it has compiled on what’s happening in that State exness trading. Regionally, we use www.dvrpc.org, where the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission lists its recent studies, plus a great deal of information dealing with population, employment, and transportation in the nine county region centering on Philadelphia.

Www.phila.gov is the City of Philadelphia’s home page. Information on Center City and its ongoing revitalization can be found at the Center City District’s web site, www.centercityphila.org, and information on our many neighborhoods is at www.phillyneighborhoods.org.

For real estate information, www.apartments.com has extensive listings of rental housing, www.realtor.com and www.homestore.com list both sales and rental housing, and www.domania.com will tell you what a property has sold for exness trade.


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